They’ll be fine…

I was 6 weeks postpartum with #2 and desperate to start some sort of fitness program now that I was finally medically cleared to do so! Then the reality of finding time to work out with 2 under 2 and zero schedule consistency hit. How in the world could I possibly add another thing to my plate? It’s full, overflowing actually. I got no sleep.. none.. up all night nursing and when the newborn finally slept it was go time with the toddler. It was all caving in on me!

I had the best of intentions, I committed to Brazil Butt Lift. (truth be told I purchased it after #1 was born.. and it may have collected dust until this point) I made myself a calendar and no matter what I was determined to make my workouts happen. My problem was I told myself I had to workout during nap time. What us SAHMs call the “nap time hustle”. I was killing myself trying to get those two to sleep at the same time and reaching ridiculous levels of frustration.

Then one day it just clicked: Nap time wasn’t an option and I needed a new plan.

Why do they both need to be asleep for me to exercise? Do my children need 100% of my focus throughout the entire day? I think those are unrealistic expectations. I am a SAHM and I am first and foremost committed to that job, but isn’t part of my success as a mom based off of my happiness as a woman? When did we as moms put everything else first and ourselves last?

I started working out every morning around the same time whether one, both, or neither were sleeping. And you know what happened? THEY WERE FINE! The world didn’t end, chaos did not ensue. One crazy thing did happen though: my toddler has grown to handle independent play much better and now she constantly says “Mama workout!!” I now realize exercise isn’t something to be squeezed in behind closed doors, it’s so important for my daughters to grow up watching their mom prioritize her health and fitness.

Don’t let your other obligations dictate your health and fitness. Once you start making you a priority everything else will fall into place and naturally improve.

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