Meal Prep Saved My Marriage

imageOk, the headline is a bit dramatic.. My marriage wasn’t crumbling until I decided to make meal prep a priority, but we were wasting money and isn’t that pretty much the same thing?

Picture yourself at the grocery store. You’re cruising your cart around the produce section grabbing some wonderful, healthy choices for your family. You’re basically killing it as a mom and have all the intentions in the world of the perfect meals and snacks you’ll be putting together this week. The problem is, if you’re anything like me, once you get those purchases home and put away that’s where they sit. Sure, you make some meals and snacks throughout the week, but we all know that day comes when you reach in the crisper and pull out something that looks more like a science experiment than dinner.

My husband handles the majority of the finances (It’s not 1952, we do communicate about all things finances) and I stay home and take care of the majority of the things around the house. He is a very generous man and rarely gives me any grief for the choices I make while shopping for our family. That being said, when he sees me throwing away what was once perfectly good food that I just didn’t get around to using, I may as well me throwing a handful of money in the trash. It’s not a good moment. I realized it’s more than being wasteful, it’s being disrespectful to how hard he works to put that food on our table. Something needed to change.

Insert meal prep. I know, it seems daunting.. and I’m not saying those couple hours after I get home from the grocery store are always enjoyable, but it’s worth it. We waste nothing. Everything I buy is prepped and portioned that day. (With two girls under two it doesn’t always happen immediately when we get home because… life!) Chad now rarely eats out during his lunch break which is not only using the food, but also saving us money.

If you’ve ever considered starting to shop/eat this way I strongly encourage it. It has made a world of difference for our family. If you have any questions on how to get started I would love to help!

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