The Struggle is Real?

My 5 a.m. alarm didn’t need to go off- I’d been up for over half an hour with our youngest. (Who had been up 3 times prior to that since going to bed) It was apparent that bug that had been plaguing the girls had caught up with me and I was sick. Can’t breathe through my nose, head could explode, sick.


Instantly pitty party, table of 1 was in full force. I wanted to crawl back into bed. I deserved it, right? No sleep? Obviously coming down with something.. this was my day to feel sorry for myself and rest. Then it hit me– hello hypocrite! You speak encouragement and motivation to other women daily, but you’re going to sneak back into bed because you “deserve” it? You deserve to make your health a priority like you promote every single day. You deserve to have 30 mins to get your frustrations and stress out so you’re a better wife and mother.

We all have struggles every day and my biggest one right now is exhaustion. I have two under two on different schedules and the little one will not sleep through the night for anything. It’s easy to feel sorry for myself and overwhelmed- piece of cake- but what if I looked at it as a blessing? Sleepless  nights and early mornings in my life means two perfect baby girls to take care of. While I’m focused on how tired I am, and how I’m struggling, isn’t there someone out there praying every day for exactly what I have?

It’s time to see our struggles for what they really are: tiny burdens that come with big blessings. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you have nothing left to give- try looking at the big picture of your struggle. I guarantee someone is praying for what you have.

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