What To-Do List?

As my mile-long to do list was haunting me from a few feet away, I sat (uncomfortably) on the floor rocking my sweet, teething baby to sleep. She needed to be held, and wasn’t taking no for an answer. I had such big plans with that nap time! How could she?! She’s supposed to sleep perfectly, exactly when I want her to! What was I going to do??

Many of you who follow me know that, along with this blog, I am also pursuing a career in Health and Fitness. I coach virtual boot camps and am growing a team of coaches to support and encourage women in their health journeys. I am doing all of this while also staying home full time with my two girls. The “nap-time hustle” of trying to get everything done and still be a wife, mom, me and business woman can be like juggling 86 flaming torches.


Needless to say I ALWAYS have a to-do list. It is added to constantly and is the only way I can achieve anything close to organization. I live for order and a schedule– that being said Miss Ainsley Grace has her own ideas of how the day should go, and they don’t revolve around my plans.

Striving for order and a routine with this little pistol has been my most challenging fete as a mother to date. Let’s just say she doesn’t conform like her big sister did. I find myself getting so frustrated with her, but I know it’s absolutely ridiculous to expect my infant to care about my schedule.

It’s in these moments of frustration I am quickly reminded of my priorities. First and foremost my dream was to be a SAHM and, as challenging as it may be, I am living that dream daily. I took on these other pursuits as an outlet and a focus for myself, but that’s not their fault. Adding to my plate shouldn’t take away from theirs. As much as I want to make the most of every minute and get all the things done that I need to- I know that holding that sweet girl is my most important job- she just has to remind me from time to time.

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