Loosen The F Up

It’s been a long day with 2 little sassholes 2 and under. I’m in the kitchen with dirty dishes from the day of endless meals for others that I made and I’m just trying to get everything clean before Chad gets home from work. I’ve put this pressure on myself that the house needs to be perfectly clean, meal made, and all of us looking put together when he walks in the door. Is it 1954? It is 100% me- not him.

In the midst of scrambling to get all of those dishes washed he comes in (early!?) and walks up behind me and pinches my butt. Fun, right? Playful! What do I do? Lose my shit on him! I can’t remember my exact crazy wife ramblings, but I’m sure it was something about me trying to get this done and he needed to stop grabbing at me while my hands were full.. blah.. blah.. blah…


When did I get so up tight? When did I stop playing with him?

Anytime something like this happens it takes all of about a minute and a half for me to see how ridiculous I was and most of the time I come to my senses enough to apologize– but– what am I doing to him in that split second? What did my negative reaction to his gesture do? I may have been annoyed in that moment because I was busy with a chore, but if I always react that way, won’t he eventually stop flirting with me?

When we first fall in love and start dating it’s so easy and natural. We laugh, flirt, play and we don’t have the weight of all of the little things in life hanging on our shoulders yet– but we also don’t have the depth of the relationship either. What if we could have both? What if we could handle all that is life with our partner, but also have fun? I’m certainly no expert in marriage, but I know enough to know that eventually people adapt to their circumstances. One of my favorite things about my husband is his playfulness and heart- I need to check my reactions before that part slowly fades.

What are some of the things you first fell in love with about your spouse? Are you nurturing those things, or have you let the little stresses of life get in the way?

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