Mom Seeking Mom

“Come here often?”  I said awkwardly to a complete stranger/other mom at the park.

No, seriously you guys, I literally said that. It was like some sort of desperate early 90’s pick up line.. and to no surprise to me.. the poor woman nervously smiled, nodded, scooped her child up, and headed to the furthest corner of the park from me.

Why is meeting mom friends so damn hard?

Why do I turn into the most awkward (and apparently creepy) version of myself when trying to interact with other moms?

Watching my toddler, who is admittedly far cooler than me, you would think making friends is a breeze! They meet, say hi, instant bestie. When did it get so complicated?

In this time of helicopter moms, tiger moms, bulldozer moms, nursing moms, formula moms, co-sleeping moms, cry it out moms, etc… it’s like navigating a mind field! We have made so many “categories” and labels for ourselves we don’t even know how to interact anymore. I don’t know if my vaccinated, formula fed, macaroni and cheese feeding mom-ness will be welcomed or judged.

I’m 2 1/2 years into this “dream job” and I’m beginning to wonder if I am developing strengths, or losing sight of reality. I have far and away more interaction with my children than anyone else on a daily basis – which I have chosen and overall love – but what happened to fun, not completely socially awkward Erin?

Maybe it’s this crazy season of life we’re in, or maybe it has something to do with loss of personal connection due to technology- whatever the case- if you see me at the park, and I say something super awkward, just know I’m just a mom looking for someone to talk to that doesn’t demand a sippy cup of milk, or their ass wiped.


2 thoughts on “Mom Seeking Mom

  1. We moved just like you did and I feel so awkward too! I’ll talk to mom’s at the park, but I assume they all have friends and I feel creepy. How is there not a mom dating site yet? Put in some info and get matched with nearby mom’s who need friends too.

    I love staying home but it’s been over 3 years now and I have no idea what my normal is anymore…I’ve lost all my friends from moving and hobbies because of kids (not really their fault but I never prioritized them and sort of just left them behind). My alone time is going to the dentist. Last week I felt sorry for myself, how did I get this boring??, and tried to Google mom hobbies to see if I could find a hobby that sounded fun. At least Google came up with lists of hobbies so I’m not the only one lacking! 🙂

    Once you get more settled and in a house and normal routine I bet you will make loads of new mom friends!

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    1. Where did y’all move? I love that dating site idea! The struggle is real isn’t it?! There’s just no natural way to make new adult women friends– I hope you’re right- just need to get settled and into some regular activities! Thanks for making me feel more normal!


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