To The First Time Mom

Dear First Time Mom,

I’m not going to tell you all the tips that everyone has already been telling you. I’m not going to say “Sleep now before the baby gets here” or “Enjoy time with your husband because everything is about to change!”

I won’t recommend which bottles you should use, or give you my two cents on sleep training. I am not going to get into breast vs bottle, co-sleeping vs crib, or ask if you plan on covering your newborn in chemicals, or going entirely organic.

None of that is my business.

I’m going to tell you the one thing I wish someone would have told me before I became a mother:


You’ve got this!

You’re not only going to be OK, you’re going to be great. This perfect human that you’re about to meet for the first time was sent to exactly you, exactly now. You were hand picked because you are the PERFECT mom for this baby. You will love and care for them in the exact way they need it and though you may not feel strong enough for all of it now- you don’t have to be. The woman you will become through this process is incredible- you will be amazed.


Try not to overwhelm yourself with the details and decisions- there will come a day, not long from now, that you won’t even remember what kind of bottles, wipes, etc you used.

You were made for loving this tiny human- and everything else you will learn as you go.


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