Raising the BAR

Ok so you’re on the go, making what feels like the 27th round of “in and out of the car seat” and you hear it- AGAIN:

“Mommy, I’m hungry!!”

You rummage through what would have once been a super cute, designer purse but is now the “mom bag” of all mom bags, complete with 18 month old gold fish remains and some sticky stain in the bottom corner you’ve never really been certain where it came from or when. And what do you find? Empty wrappers of course! And maybe, just maybe, some peanut butter crackers or something you are trying to tell yourself isn’t “too bad” to feed your kiddos on the go. And you? You’re STARVING too so, what the heck? Crackers it is, am I right?!?

Untitled design-4

Oh mama friend, I FEEL you, I AM you!

But I’m kinda over that hot mess express excuse, aren’t you?

I want to actually be prepared- at least 80% of the time- with a healthy, delicious, snack on the go that we can ALL eat! Over the last couple years I have tried what seems like EVERY “health bar” on the market and haven’t been wowed by any of them- until now!

I have found a new bar (releasing to the public this week!) that I love- not only is it delicious, but the ingredients are top notch AND it’s gluten free! But I need more opinions- I need to know what YOU and your kiddos think!

I am taking on new product testers! The first 30 to sign up will receive a free new health bar (flavor of your choice) as soon as my first shipment comes in! My only request is you review them for me- honestly!- and send the me feedback!

If you would like to be one of the first to try these and really help me out just fill out this form and I’ll be in touch ASAP!

Product Tester Application

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