Egg Roll in a Bowl!

Oh my gosh I have SO much time on my hands! I can’t wait to make myself a meal from scratch!” – said no one, ever

I like food, ok more like LOVE and I just can’t eat salads everyday. (which I actually used to think being healthy consisted of!)

This beautiful plate took me 5 mins, 3 ingredients, and was DELICIOUS!


It’s my own spin on the popular “egg roll in a bowl”

You will need:

  • chicken (already cooked is best and saves time. I like to use rotisserie chicken from the grocery store for this!)
  • Broccoli slaw (I use ½ bag for myself so choose according to how many people you’re cooking for!)
  • Liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute. You can use soy sauce but this is much healthier- check it out here

It should be available at your local grocery store!)

  1. Heat a pan to medium with nonstick spray and sautee broccoli slaw for 4-5 mins, add chopped cooked chicken and cook until heated through (2-3 mins should be fine)
  2. Add “soy sauce” and stir over heat until mixed well!
  3. You can always add sesame seeds or chopped green onions too!


Eating healthy, home cooked food doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive!


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