Are you looking for MORE?

I was! I was truly happy as a stay at home mom- admittedly overwhelmed and exhausted- but so grateful that I was able to choose to stay home with my girls.

Grateful as I was, I wasn’t fulfilled. I was lacking a real connection with other women in the same season of life as me. I also knew the things I was doing for my family mattered, but at the end of the day keeping a clean house and changing diapers wasn’t filling my cup.

What was wrong with me?!? NOTHING!

I wanted both- to raise my kids, and have a career.

Becoming a health and wellness coach and launching this blog have been more of a blessing to our family than I can say! It has changed our lives physically, mentally, emotionally, AND financially.


Could this opportunity be what you’re looking for? Could you change your family’s life by focusing on your own health and encouraging other women to do the same?

For more information on how to join our RAPIDLY growing team, click HERE and I will be in touch!